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Caitang Town,China’s Village of Stainless Steel Product
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Caitang Town, Chaozhou City won the title “Village of Stainless Steel Product of East Guangdong” years ago from China National Hardware Association.


In Oober 2004, ChaoZhou city, Caitang Town was awarded by the China national hardware association, “China’s products of the villages,” the title, further raising the regional characteristics of brand recognition, marking the ChaoZhou hardware products industry has entered a new stage of development .


With the rapid economic development, Caitang Town creates a stainless hardware product chain including stainless steel kitchenware and tableware, architectural adornment, medical appliances, stainless steel section, watch tools and accessories and automobile parts.


At present, there are over 750 stainless steel manufacturing enterprises in the town, 52 of which get ISO certification. And the town has famous stainless steel brand names such as “JOSTAN”, “SIBAO”, "VICTOR”.  The products are sold throughout China, and exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other countries and regions.


Chaozhou City


1. Overview
Located in the easternmost of Guangdong Province, Chaozhou borders on Fujian Province with the South China Sea to the east. It is the “East Gate” of Guangdong Province. Chaozhou has jurisdiction over Chaoan County, Raoping County, Xiangqiao District and Fengxi District. With a total area of 3,613.9 square kilometers and a total population of 2.67 million, Chaozhou boasts a coastline of 136 kilometers.


2. Development Goals & Positioning
Chaozhou aims to actively integrate into the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone, and ASEAN Economic Zone, and strives to develop its economy with local characteristics, culture economy and port economy. Chaozhou will spare no effort in building itself into a world-influential historic and cultural city, an important national base for specialty industries and a key base for port industry in Guangdong Province. Chaozhou will also try to develop itself in to a modern coastal city which is suitable for living, tourism and business. It aims to become a demonstration city for sustainable development in Pan Pearl River Delta area, a pilot area for the optimizing and upgrading of specialty industries, a port industrial cluster, a cultural-tourism leading area and an experimental field for cooperation with Taiwan.


3. City’s Name Card
Chouzhou has been honored with the titles of Well-known Historic and Cultural City of China, Famous Hometown to Overseas Chinese, National Excellent Tourism City, National Garden City, the Award for Chinese Exemplar for Living Environment, Porcelain Capital of China, Famous City for Wedding Dress and Evening Dress, Hometown of Chaozhou Cuisine, Key Arts & Crafts City of China, Folk Arts Hometown of China, National Industrial Base for Commodity Pottery and Porcelain Production, National Industrial Base for Commodity Pottery and Porcelain Export, National Industrial Base for Overseas Costume Purchasing, Stainless Steel Products Hometown of China, Oulung Tea Hometown of China, Famous Tea Hometown of China, and Demonstration City for Improving Public Service for Employment, etc.


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